David Rous


Joined G&G: 1994


The Bakersfield High School (1988); Bakersfield College (1991); California State University, Long Beach (1993).


Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy; Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) and Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE). David is a very accomplished therapist. As an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) David is recognized for having exceptional clinical skills and experience in the field of orthopedic physical therapy. David is the first physical therapist in Bakersfield to achieve this prestigious honor. David is also trained in the Isernhagen Functional Capacity Examination.

History at Glinn & Giordano:

David joined Glinn & Giordano Physical Therapy in 1994 as a staff physical therapist at our Downtown location. After several years of hard work and dedication, David was asked to fill a vacancy in a new Southwest location. Under the leadership of David, the Southwest office expanded rapidly and eventually forced a move into their present location at 3700 Gosford Road, Bakersfield, CA 93309. Since the move the Southwest location has expanded twice and now incorporates physical therapy, occupational therapy and a performance division.  In 2016, David moved back to the Downtown location and is serving as the company President managing the business of Glinn and Giordano.

Most Memorable Moment As a Physical or Occupational Therapist:

I remember when Glinn & Giordano moved into its present Southwest location in 1999. The new location was double the size of its previous office and much nicer too. I told my wife, Jennifer, that there was no way I could fill this huge space with patients and that I might as well treat them in a football stadium because it would seem so empty. With a great staff, hard work and a solid reputation we have since expanded on this location two additional times.

Community Service:

David is very active in the local community. David is a volunteer member of the Bakersfield High School Athletics Program and is recognized as the team physical therapist.  Previously he had worked with Stockdale High School for over 15 years.  David has provided his services and expertise to countless community outreach programs and donated his time towards youth sports in Bakersfield.


When David is not working, David and his wife Jennifer enjoy spending time following their 3 children’s academic and sports endeavors. David also enjoys cycling for fun and competitively for local teams.