Posted August 29th, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Health 4 Life is a comprehensive wellness program designed to allow patients to live life at the pace they want.

Our philosophy is that the word ‘wellness’ should be a verb. Don’t think of health and wellness as something you aim to achieve, think of it as the way you live your life.

The Health For Life program is the best kept secret in Kern County. Designed to be a comprehensive wellness program, the Health For Life program has quickly gained popularity as a low-pressure method of staying on top of your physical health. As a member of the Health For Life program you are able to increase your energy, strengthen your body and maintain the active lifestyle you want all while meeting like-minded individuals that share your goals. Affectionately dubbed as ‘Health For Lifers’, this small group of individuals are under the supervision of a trained exercise physiologist and are known to be a some of the most engaging people in our clinics.

Three Foundational Objectives

Cardiovascular Training – To promote weight loss and a healthy heart.

Core Stability Training – To strengthen the abdominals and back to prevent injury.

Resistance Training – To increase the body’s metabolism, bone mineral density and function.