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Everyone that works there is very professional .Good at what they do and helping us get The best therapy we can get. I’ve always had a good experience there and make it fun . Good at working around schedules also .
Bill W.
The staff at G & G are super professional and at the same time fun and friendly. My experience with them over a five month period was over the top. I really looked forward to each and every visit. David, Kurt, Brittany, Josh, David, Alex, Leah, Rebecca and the other staff members were outstanding and upstanding folks. I highly recommend them for your health needs. When I had problems after my surgery the folks there got me through a tough time.
Nicks H.
I was hesitant in doing physical therapy when my Doctor ordered it, but now I’m a believer in it. This company has some of the most seasoned, experienced, kind and trustworthy staff that always makes me feel welcomed. The physical therapists all work together to ensure quality of care, the support staff ensure proper form and are ready to help at a moments notice, the receptionist is always quick and able to find time during my busy schedule. They put your best interest in mind, willing to work with you for all of your needs and have a special human touch that is hard to come by these days. I am recovering from a spine surgery, and I have the fine folks at G&G to thank for it. They regularly clean and sanitize all equipment especially during a pandemic, which makes me feel safe. It’s a communal environment, so you don’t feel lonely when doing your treatment. I have nothing but kind words towards this place, and I am fortunate to come here for my treatment. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, than here for my treatment. The high marks they receive are no accident, you can’t go wrong here.
Eren S.
I was really impress about the professionalism and how promote everyone was just great to be their and the help me in and I feel like a better man thanks to them I would recommend to friends and family in the future.
Damion M.
I have benefited every time when using Glinn & Giordano Physical Therapy. I can honestly share with you the staff has always been friendly and professional. My only issue is that now I must continue following this
routine at home. Thank you for your service to others and especially
to me..
Cathy P.
I was referred here by my primary care physician after an MVA (motor vehicle accident). These guys are pros. They take really good care of you and treat you well. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, funny, fun to work with and accommodating. I’d strongly recommend Glinn and Giordano to anyone who needs a physical therapist or a personal trainer.
Abdallah B.
Went to Glinn and Giordano for both knee replacements. The atmosphere in the center was positive, and encouraging through both rehabilitation events. The staff was friendly, and worked together well. I have been to another local physical therapy facility, and was blown away by the difference between the two. Glinn and Giordano are total professionals, and care for their patients. I highly recommend them.
Cheryl A.
I'm recovering from a torn ACL and have been going to the Northwest location. The staff is super friendly and super professional. The facility is also very nice and clean. Scheduling never is an issue either. The staff makes going to therapy not a burden at all. My experience has been very pleasant and I recommend going there if you need physical therapy.
Drew C.
I was fortunate to have had my physical therapy sessions at Glinn and Giordano on 23rd Street following my knee replacement. The entire staff were extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I looked forward to each session because I knew I would be challenged to improve my strength, flexibility and confidence with walking. Besides the therapy, they took an interest in me personally and made me feel very welcome. I highly recommend the G&G 23rd Street location to anyone who is searching for dedicated people to help them with their physical recuperation.
Scott M.
If I could give more stars, I would.
I have had crazy lower back pain for over 10 years.
I have been going to physical therapy with Destiny for over a month now. I am in awe of how good I feel. I forgot what it feels like to feel this good. I can move ways I haven't been able to move in years.
Not only has this therapy been a God-send, Destiny and her crew are so funny. I have such a great time when I go to therapy.
I am sad to know that at some point I won't need to go anymore. hahaha
In Conclusion; Go here, get better and have fun.
Marie W.
Honestly I can not recommend enough. Coming off a horrific ankle injury, I have received so much support and genuine care/concern with each visit. My tears of joy over being able to make milestones (getting my shoe on, taking my first step, walking without an aid) were met with cheers and encouragement. The entire team works together with patients and equipment. It is very clear they enjoy working together and make an effort to get jobs done regardless of “who’s” job it is. The upbeat attitude is contagious in the building. If you are in need of PT, you must check this place out.
Megan D.
If your sent here for physical therapy your in good hands. The staff here is very knowledgeable. They all seem to love what they are doing and it shows. They make rehabilitation fun!!
John Z.
Having never experienced Physical Therapy before, I was unsure of what I was prescribed. G&G instantly calmed my nerves and I was assured they would work carefully to help me heal from my recent surgery. The team is seamless in their care and expertise. I was impressed throughout the extent of my therapy with the thoughtful and dedicated attention to my healing and strengthening. What was most impressive was the theme of being safe, sterile, and attentive. Never a "feel the burn," only focusing on what I was capable of at the point of my recovery. I will always reflect on my experience with Glinn and Giordano as one of kindness and confident professionalism. Thank you!
Mary W.
I had been to another physical therapy place in Bakersfield before coming to Glenn and Giordano Physical Therapy and was “told” to do exercises and then left alone to do them. Coming to G&G was refreshing. You are always greeted warmly. Alexis, the secretary is charming and gracious. All of the PT staff work together to keep you on track, reminding you to stay in the correct position, fine tuning your posture and making sure you are working the right muscles. Brian and Jason are informative and encouraging, and able to answer all my questions You are not left alone, you are an integral part of the team working to get you your life back. I had PT before and after shoulder surgery. I know the positive attitude of the staff has been helpful in my recovery. And talking to others here who are at different stages of recovery has been very helpful. I have also been a nurse for 45 years and highly recommend G&G. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Rebeca W.
I have never been to any physical therapy clinic before. Due to a small accident, I ended up falling into a small comma and with a broken leg. Recovery was a little slow to my point of view, until I started attending this facility. Every single therapist are very knowledgeable, caring and guide you to a fast recovery.

They are very attentive; from the receptionists whom are extremely friendly and can schedule your appointments in no time, to the therapist which are with you every step of the recovery.

Definitely recommended if you want an excellent service, and an outstanding experience!!
Glinn & Giordano staff on Gosford Rd...
You Guys Rock!!! ,,| (•0•) |,,/
Odnąmrä S.
I just finished my very last day of therapy but this place is absolutely fantastic! The staff is very professional and make you feel like you are part of their family. They helped me with my foot after it had been fused and taught me great exercises I can now do at home. Thank you so much to the entire staff at G&G. The absolute best place for physical therapy!
Lucia P.
I have been to three other physical therapy clinics for a variety of injuries and this one was by far the best! I went three times a week for over two months and I am now able to return to all recreational activities. This facility is clean, scheduling is very easy, and every employee wants the best for you. They are very attentive to pain levels but make sure to push you in the best way. Steven not only helped me get back to my activities, but also taught me how to keep improving. I highly recommend this G&G facility!
rylee m.
The staff is very friendly and their equipment very basic but effective.
Augustine B.
very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very helpful and answers all my questions. They always explain what each exercise will help with and they are very accomadating to my needs each visit.
Hannah C.