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We get asked all the time….what makes us different from everyone else? To put it simply, we do things the Glinn & Giordano way! We put the patient first. ALWAYS! Our company was built on superior patient care and it shows in the individualized, friendly treatment that our patients get during every visit. Our staff has an unmatched dedication to their chosen profession and it comes across in our care. Our promise to you: we will ALWAYS provide you with the highest level of care in a friendly atmosphere.

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Everyone is great. They are helping me get well. I will recommend them to everyone. Thanks

Alfred P.

This is my 4th time to receive physical therapy here. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them. They take time to explain test results (MRI in my case) and how the recommend therapy regimen will improve your movement and overall health. The front desk receptionist is very cordial and thoroughly explains insurance coverage. The facility and equipment is clean and well maintained. All personnel are polite and professional. They also have a great sense of humor which helps to make my therapy sessions more enjoyable.

Artie C.

I’m going through my second round of PT and I returned to this same location because the staff here is so excellent, especially Sydney. Everyone here seems to genuinely care. They even remembered me almost 2 years later. If I ever need theirs services, this is the only place I’ll go.


The staff here is stellar!
They are all engaging and really care about my getting healthy and able to move my knee as it should be moving after my knee replacement surgery.

Thank you all!!!

Lisa E.

These people are all top-notch people who know how to help you get all your movement back. I really cannot say enough good about ALL of them! I have been recommending them to a my friends that are facing surgery shortly.

LaCretia O.

Great office with a great team! Therapists Jason and Sydney have been instrumental in my recovery from hip surgery!!!

Raymond B.

Great location with an amazing team who are caring, kind, and supportive. Everyone is knowledgeable and made my recovery so much easier.

April M.

Wonderful staff. They listen and totally try to understand the issues. Very helpful in trying to work with painful hands.

Becky W.

This particular location has a great staff. All are so helpful. They listen to my needs and in a few short weeks I already notice a difference. Physical therapy is actually a very positive treatment and Glinn & Giordano make the visits something to look forward to. Thanks everyone!

Laura L.

I highly recommend G&G! Brian and Sydney and their staff are awesome! I’ve come here for several different reasons over the last few years. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. Also very nice and kind and pleasant. Give them a try if you need PT.

Linda S


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